What You Need To Know When Choosing a System

Selecting the right medical alert system provider is an important decision, since that decision may make the difference between life and death. Make sure the medical alert system you choose has the features you need and is also easy to use. Below are a few points you should consider as you research a medical alert system. Please call us toll-free if you should have any questions: (844) 633-9240.
1Before you make a decision on a medical alert provider, be sure you know what pre-payment requirements are involved.
There are many medical alert services that advertise no long-term commitment. However, they require a three month minimum service period. Northwell On Call offers a month to month contract with no long-term commitment.
2Before making a decision on a medical alert provider, be sure you understand the cancellation policy.
Make sure you know what your obligations are, should you no longer need your medical alert service. Some providers charge early cancellation fees and also charge you for return shipping on the medical alarm device. Northwell On Call does not have any early cancellation fees since we offer a no risk, month-to-month service plan. We only charge for return postage of the medical alarm device.
3The level of training that personnel in the monitoring center receive should be a primary concern before you decide on a medical alert provider.
In an emergency, when seconds count, having qualified Emergency Medical Trained Dispatchers can mean the difference between life and death. Our partnered monitoring centers are efficiently staffed with bilingual (English and Spanish), medically trained dispatchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every dispatcher receives extensive training and is certified to provide life support and help someone provide CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby.
4Make sure that the monitoring center of your medical alert service is UL listed.
Being recognized as a UL listed monitoring center is a minimum standard. Being "Five Diamond" certified is even better, signifying that the facility continues to meet the high standards of the Central Station Alarm Association. Our partnered monitoring centers maintain a "Five Diamond" certification. There are approximately 2,700 central stations in the United States that interact with law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Fewer than five percent have achieved Five Diamond status.
5Choose an emergency medical alert service that can meet your individual needs.
Try and talk to someone in both the customer service department and the medical monitoring department. Take note of how each member of the organization treats you and your questions. At Northwell On Call, we treat all of our members like they are part of our extended family. This sense of family is reflected in every one of our dedicated employees, from the customer service agent to the certified medical dispatcher.
6It is important that your provider customizes a plan to fit your needs.
Many monitoring companies offer only a fixed plan with no customization. At Northwell On Call, we listen to your needs from the very start so we can better serve you. We encourage all of our new customers to give us a call at (844) 633-9240 before ordering. Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives access your needs to customize the best medical alert plan for your needs..